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Buyer's Guide For Adult Sex Toys

Buyers Guide

All about Sex Toys:
Pleasure Me Please has created an extensive guide to sex toys; DVD’s and couples sex toys.  There are so many styles of adult sex toys on the market today that choosing one can be an ordeal.  The articles that we put together will shed some light on picking the sex toy that’s right for you and what you want to achieve.

Sex Toys History:  Sex toys have been used for over 1,000 years.  Greece, Turkey and Asia have been known for the start of the “sex toy revolution”.   Early adult sex toys were made from leather or wood, not very appealing right?  They had to be lubed up with, you guessed it olive oil.  

In the middle 1800’s the first vibrating sex toy was invented.  But it was too large to be used discreetly.  In the early 1900’s the vibrator became a sex toy for woman to keep them “young and pretty” and especially to relieve the tension of women who are single with no man insight.

It was in the 1920’s that sex toys or vibrators came to light.  They weren’t openly advertised because of there connection to adult movies.

Today is a different story.  You can openly purchase adult novelties and adult sex toys, thanks to the first amendment.  Here at Pleasuremeplease.com you can purchase just about any vibrator, sex toy, sexy lingerie and even sex toys for couples in the privacy of your own home.


Anal Beads:  Pleasure Me Please has a wide assortment of anal beads.  What are anal beads you ask?  Well they are a series of beads strung together on a string and are designed to stimulate the anus gradually.  Try using the anal beads with graduated balls so you can increase the size as you feel comfortable.  As with most anal toys and adult sex toys they are usually made from soft pliable jelly, rubber, silicone material or hard plastic.

If you're looking for an anal toy that’s a little more hardcore, try something with larger nubs and more texture that will take your ecstasy to new heights. Please do not force anything into the anus but start slowly and gently and stay relaxed.  Using lubrication on your anal toy will make for easy insertion.  Please Me Please carries a large selection of lubes for your convenience.

Make sure you thoroughly clean all sex toys after use especially anal toys.  We suggest using a sex toy cleaner or washing with warm water and a mild soap.

Anal Dildos:  Anal stimulation can be an enjoyable part of your sex life. One of the most popular anal sex toy is the anal dildo.

Unlike vaginal sex toys an anal dildo should have a wide or flared base because without this, it could get lost in the anus and removing it could be embarrassing.  I recommend silicone or glass because of its smooth texture and the ease of cleaning after use.  Beginners should start off with a narrow dildo, maybe ½ inch diameter in size, and progress to a larger size.  One inch in diameter is a common size but larger sizes are available.  

If you are interested in mounting your dildo to a solid surface, we have anal dildos with a suction cup base. This is useful if you are looking for some solo anal play. You can stick these just about anywhere.

As with all anal dildos, lubrication is a must if you want to enjoy these sex toys to the fullest.  As with all anal sex toys a thorough cleaning after use is a must.

Anal Vibrators:  Anal Vibrators are a great anal sex toy and they are similar to an anal dildo but the difference is that they vibrate.  It can be enjoyed by men and women.  The anus is full of nerves that can be pleasantly stimulated, but men can also use anal vibrators to excite the prostate gland to achieve an orgasm.  

Anal vibrators are shorter and thinner than regular vibrators and have a flared or extended base for easy removal. These vibrators usually measure 4 to 6 inches long with a width that can vary from 0.75 to 1.25 inches.   Anal probes or wand vibrators are slim and are ideal for beginners.  At Pleasure Me Please we have a wide assortment of anal vibrators from the beginner to the novice.  Here we carry vibrating anal beads and plugs as well.

Anal Plugs and Butt Plugs: 
As the title of this article states these products are for the pleasure of anal stimulation.  They can also be used in conjunction with a vaginal dildo or vibrator.

Most butt plugs or anal plugs have a common general shape and come in a variety of shapes and colors. The most common material is latex but silicone is a great choice for its softer feel and ease of disinfection in boiling water.  Butt plugs also come in wood, metal, glass and even stone!  

A butt plug or anal plugs are two of the most perfect adult sex toys on the market. From simple to snazzy and made for males and females alike, the butt plug can be a perfect addition and beginning tool in the world of anal exploration.   Check out our anal sex toys at Pleasure Me Please, and “plug” our site to your friends, ha ha!


Bullet or Egg Vibrators:  Many adults love these vibrators for solo use or with a partner.  These small vibrators don’t look much at first glance but let me tell you, they pack some power.  You can target them on any erogenous zone whether it be male or female.  

Bullet vibrators are usually 2 to 3 inches long and thin.  They usually run on watch batteries and have a variable speed control built into their base.  Egg vibrators are similar to the size of a large egg and are usually wired to a remote control but wireless is available too.  Most egg vibrators take standard AAA or AA batteries.  Many women use egg vibrators for vaginal insertion and use bullet vibrators for clitoral stimulation.  Inserting a wireless bullet or egg vibrator into the vagina is not a wise thing because you could lose it inside the vagina.

The remote control bullet vibrator allows you to easily change speed and vibration patterns. Some bullet vibrators are connected by a thin wire to a remote control that has multiple speed options. While others are completely wireless and can be worn inside your underwear or lingerie.  Other attachments for these vibrators include textured sleeves that can be slipped over them and clitoral stimulators giving the user a whole new world of ecstasy.  

These little powerhouses can be used with your partner to enhance the sexual experience and to achieve great heights of sexual pleasure.  Also, try using them on other areas like nipples, anus and inner thighs and don’t forget the male pleasure areas.

Traditional Vibrators:  Traditional vibrators are simple cylindrical shaped sex toys are what most people think when they hear the word "vibrator".  These vibrators are simple in design and inexpensive.  They mostly come in 5 to 7 inches in length and 1 to 1 ½ inches in width.  There are two parts to the traditional vibrator, the shaft which can be inserted into the vagina and battery compartment.

Traditional vibrators have a rounded tip and smooth surface, which is perfect for clitoral stimulation or insertion into the vagina.  These sex toys can also be used to stimulate the male testicles and penis.  It is not recommended to use traditional cylindrical vibrators for anal penetration because as previously stated, it does not have the flared bottom for easy removal.

Pleasure Me Please has a full line of traditional vibrators for your enjoyment whether it is for solo use or with a partner.

Rabbit Vibrators:  Rabbit vibrators are the most popular vibrator on the market.  It has the unique design function that lets you stimulate the clitoris and pussy at the same time.  As the name states it has two “bunny ears” that vibrate at high speeds to stimulate the clitoris. You can use the ears to stimulate the anal region too.  Testimonies from women claim that the feeling of the rabbit ears on the clitoris is parallel to that of a human tongue or feathers, WOW!

Rabbit vibrators are attached to a long shaft for vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation.  Some models feature two separate speed controls, one for the vibrating shaft and another for the clitoral stimulator.  Like other vibrators, these shafts are often liberally covered in raised veins and pleasure nubs for added satisfaction. Some of the more expensive models have rotating tips and a piston action that mimics actual thrusting.  If you're new to sex toys consider a rotating rabbit vibrator.  These rabbits feature a rotating shaft, multiple speeds and, those pesky bunny ears.  There are so many rabbit vibrators on the market today, from inexpensive to high tech computer driven models; it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.  Pleasure Me Please can help you decide.  We have a wide variety of rabbit models ranging in function and price so there's one for everybody.  And don’t forget that HBO series, Sex In The City which helped to make the rabbit vibrator one of the most popular.

Finger Vibrators:  These vibrators are discreet and small in size that makes them extremely convenient to tuck into a purse or makeup bag.  They attach to your fingers and emit intense vibrations.  This adult sex toy comes in multiple speeds and can be used to stimulate your most sensual regions or massage other parts of the body.  Waterproof finger vibrators can be used in tubs or pools.  
Some finger vibrators feature attachments that will add variety to your sex play.  You can let your partner have a hand in your enjoyment,  ha ha!  These discreet little vibrators can be use on men too. Simply place the vibrator against his testicles while performing oral sex.
Flexible Vibrators:  These vibrators are made from a soft jelly material, and feel lifelike. These vibrators are ideal because they will actually hold whatever shape you desire.  The best part about flexible vibrators is that they allow you to bend them however you like to hit all the right spots.  
Flexible vibrators are used for vaginal penetration and stimulation but they are especially suited to those who are devoted to anal pleasures.  For the ultimate satisfaction, Pleasure Me Please offer dual penetration toys, where you can insert both ends for dual anal and vaginal stimulation.
Pocket Rocket Vibrators:  Discreet yet powerful, that’s what pocket rocket vibrators are.  Some women prefer them because they aren’t so obvious in looks like the realistic ones.  Although Pocket Rockets are only about four to five inches long and powered by a single AA battery, this vibrator model is known for its concentrated, powerful vibrations.  Some of these vibrators come with attachments for achieving different sensations.  At Pleasure Me Please we have a huge selection of pocket rocket vibrators including Laura Berman products and Doc Johnson at affordable prices.

G-Spot Vibrators:
  Let’s clarify what the G-spot is.  It’s the area located on the anterior wall of the vagina.  
G-Spot vibrators have a unique shape.  These may include raised ridges along the length of the shaft, or a shaft with a series of bumps.  G-spot vibrators are among the top three of the most popular vibrators on the market, behind rabbit and clitoral vibrators.  

We carry a wide selection of G-spot vibrators at Pleasure Me Please that will also caress your clit, labia, anal region and more.

Wand Massagers:  Wand Massagers are a discreet type of vibrator that can not only be used to achieve orgasms but for massaging those tired muscles.   If you're looking for a vibrator that can give you unconditional hours of relaxation and pleasure all over your body, then these are for you.  Wand massagers don’t even look like the traditional vibrator or dildo but they can give you an intense orgasm like no other.  The long slim shape of these vibrators fit nicely in your hand and can be used to reach those hard to reach areas of the body.
Some wand massagers plug into electrical outlets while others are battery powered. The electric powered are somewhat quieter than the battery powered ones, but both are up to the task of giving you hours of ecstasy.
Pleasure Me Please carries a wide selection of wand massager vibrators including the Hitachi wand massager vibrator which is the most popular.  It has a large, soft head and flexible neck and has two speeds for your pleasure.
There are plenty of attachments for you to use with your wand massager vibrator.  For example there are attachments to caress your clitoris, massager your G-spot, and some even have textured jelly sleeves that slip over the head of the massager.  You can even attach dildos and anal stimulators to turn this sex toy into an insertable orgasmic wand.

Ben- Wa Balls:  They offer a unique benefit aside from the conventional use of vibrators or dildos.  Ben-Wa balls are specialized balls for beads that can be connected or to be used alone.  The beads contain a weighted ball bearing that moves inside the ball whenever you shake them.  They stimulate the vaginal or anal areas by the sensation of   the bearings grinding effect.  The main objective is that Ben-Wa balls provide constant stimulation whenever you move and the motion of the balls is completely random, making for some unexpected sensations totally different than the ones you get from vibrators or other sex toys.  Ben- Wa Balls are used for Kegal exercises, which strengthens a woman’s pelvic muscles.  For variety, try working them in and out of the vagina or anus.
Cock Rings:  Cock rings are a male sex toy to help men keep an erection longer.  They are elastic rings made of jelly, rubber, or silicone that you place at the base of the penis after you achieve an erection.  At Pleasure Me Please we carry a large selection of sex toys including a massive inventory of cock rings for you and your partner to enjoy.

This article was published on Thursday 12 January, 2017.
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