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Fellatio and How to Please A Man

Fellatio is oral sex performed on a man.  It is an awesome way to give pleasure whether it’s for foreplay or the total package.  This article will describe techniques and what turns a man on.

Although when performing oral sex you’re doing this for him but believe me woman get turned on just as well.  You must be positive in doing this act; sending negative vibes will take away from his experience.  Don’t forget some couples find doing mutual oral sex like the “69” position is a real turn-on, I agree. 

Remember cleanliness is a must when doing oral sex.  Suggest taking a shower together where you can wash each others body.  This could be a kind of foreplay.

Both parties should find an agreeable position, you both must be comfortable.  When performing deep throat sucking try to position the angle of the penis parallel to the throat for a better alignment. 

Here are some basics on giving fellatio.  Start by teasing the penis, don’t just suck it initially.   Work him up by kissing and licking around the penis and his testicles, and gradually up his shaft towards the head of the penis.  After all this he should be hard as a rock.  You can start sucking his penis but this shouldn’t be the only thing to focus on.  Repeatedly using your mouth to stroke his penis could get you a sore neck and jaw.  A good “blow job” should include using your hands to stroke his penis and caress his testicles and his anus if he allows you.  By now you should be familiar with what your man likes.  Make sure you tuck your lips around your teeth before putting the penis in your mouth.  Few men like the feeling of teeth on their penis.  Take your time because orgasms are more intense when performed slowly.

Once you master the basics; here are some more options to try.  To increase his pleasure lubricate his shaft, this will allow you to stroke faster without causing irritation.  There are many lubrications to choose from, they include:  flavored, water based, oil based and some that actually heat up when blown on or rubbed.  Adult sex toys can aid in stimulation.  You can use a regular vibrator, vibrating cock ring or an anal toy to stimulate his prostate gland while performing fellatio.

Another skill to master is “deep throating”.  Your partner actually takes the entire penis into the mouth and down the throat.  Performing this act will greatly increase his time to orgasm.  The main thing to learn is to control your gag reflex.  You should start slowly by taken as much penis as you can and increase when you feel comfortable.  This is kind of an art so be patient and soon you should be able to swallow the whole thing.

O.K. I know you’re all waiting to hear that word “ejaculation” and what should I do when it happens.  Well here we go; most men find it hot and erotic when a partner swallows their semen.  But there are other options to consider.  You can catch the semen in your mouth and spit it out, use a tissue to catch his load or my favorite, when he is about to climax stoke his penis with your hands slowly and you will see some potent squirts of semen.  After he ejaculates continue to gently stimulate orally or with your hand a little longer.  Be careful, because the penis is much more sensitive and some men find it too intense to handle.

Finale note; practice safe sex.  If you’re not sure of your sexual history of your partner, I strongly recommend using condoms.  There are flavored condoms on the market today to turn a normal latex condom into something a little more tasty.


This article was published on Friday 13 January, 2017.
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