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Female Masturbation Guide

Women can explore their own bodies through masturbation while achieving a pleasurable orgasm.  Women don't have to rely on a partner to experience sexual satisfaction.  Masturbation teaches women about their bodies and how it response to sexual stimulation.  Some women can only reach orgasm through masturbation which in turn they say is intense.  

The sexual revolution brought many changes.  But female masturbation is still somewhat taboo.  Male masturbation is talked about more because it is a given that men do and that females are not expected to.  Even thought women have sexual partners, they should masturbate if need be to release tension and feel more relaxed.  It is believed that having sex with a partner should fulfill all their sexual desires.  But let's face it, a lot of women's sexual urges are not fulfilled by their partner, and masturbation should be performed without feeling guilty.  Some women masturbate more when they have a partner, because they feel more sexual and their appetite for sex increases.

Women should always enjoy giving pleasure to herself, to make her feel good all over.  Masturbation is a way to achieve this.  Masturbation may involve nothing more than placing your hands against your vulva when you go to sleep at night.  There is nothing wrong with a woman giving herself pleasure on a daily basics if need be.  It does not always have to end in an orgasm.

There are so many ways that women can masturbate.  Some common methods are massaging the clitoris with the fingers.  Rubbing the vulva against pillows stuffed animals or furniture.  Vagina penetration is a turn on for some women; even anal stimulation can be orgasmic.  Every woman has their own style of masturbating, another words there is no right or wrong way.  There are women who enjoy having water from the tub spout or hand held spray caress their clitoris, while others might prefer using a vibrator or massager.

Here are a few common masturbation techniques that you can employ.
•    Clitoral stimulation using your fingers:  Gently rub or stroke your clitoris with your fingers, up or down or in a circular pattern.  Sometimes a little massage oil will help.
•    G-spot stimulation:  Inserting a vibrator in the vagina can help locate your G-spot which is around 3 inches inside the vagina and directly behind the pubic bone.  Using a rabbit vibrator can stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time.
•    Vibrators:  Although vibrators are primarily used for clitoris stimulation they can also be used for G-spot and anal stimulation as well.  There are many nerve endings around the anus that can be stimulated with the use of a hand held massager.  There are many types of vibrators on the market today; from finger vibrators, rabbit vibrators, bullets, and dildos to enhance the masturbation experience.
•    Like I stated above, a detachable shower head can be quite exhilarating for most women.  Try to obtain the one with the versatile control that can switch from steady stream to a pulsating jet spray.

The conclusion on masturbating for women; there is no right or wrong way, or how many times you should do it a week.  As long as you feel comfortable with the pleasure it provides you and the frequency you do it, than fulfilling yourself is all that counts.

This article was published on Thursday 12 January, 2017.
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