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Fetish Ideas For The Bedroom

Fetish Ideas For The Bedroom

Fetish has become very popular in the bedroom today.  It’s not just for freaks but for regular people who want to spice up their love life with doing something a little different.  BDSM (Bondage-Domination-Sadism-Masochism) or what I like to call it “Kinky Sex” has finally become acceptable to today’s society.  Adult sex toy stores have a vast variety of adult novelties for you to choose from.

Here are a few props that you can use to achieve this mild to sometimes wild pleasure for you and your partner.  If you’re a beginner to fetish than read on because these items that I talk about are just for you.


A blindfold can easily arouse your partner to no end.  Although they do sell blindfold masks for this purpose at an adult sex toy store, I personally like using something from the bedroom like a silk scarf or a necktie.  The soft and silky material is sensual to the person’s eye area and face.  The benefits of the blindfold are amazing.  Just the anticipation of something erotic happening is all you need.  Talking with a soft voice about what you’re going to do or where the next caress on the body will be is a real turn on.  


Getting spanked when you were a child is one thing, but when you’re all grown up and the paddle is hitting your rear end is another.  You can obtain a paddle from adult sex toy stores but if you’re just starting out your hand is best.  

When things are beginning to erupt between you and your partner, give her a little soft spank on the rear end.  If she seems to enjoy it, moaning would give you a clue, then reach for the paddle and give her a light tap.  But remember don’t hit too hard because you don’t want to mix pain and pleasure.

Tied Up – Tied Down

Couples sometimes fantasize about being tied up or tied down.  If you’re new to this and not sure if your partner is willing just get a silk scarf and caress her body with it and tell her I want to tie your wrists together; if she moans it’s probably a green light.  Also, adult sex toy stores sell handcuffs that are fur lined.  These handcuffs are easy to escape from with or without a key.

To me getting tied down is a real turn on.  You can use neckties to do this.  Just have your partner lie on the bed and loosely tie one end of the tie around the wrists and the other end you can insert in the mattress handles, same with the legs.  Believe me there is no end to the sexual enjoyment that you can ascertain from this.

Cock Rings

A good adult sex toy store will have a wide variety of cock rings to choose from.  There are many styles, colors, and materials.  Women enjoy when men where them too, not only for the lasting erections obtained from them but because you can purchase some that vibrate.  When a man wears a vibrating cock ring the vibrating part usually touches the women’s clitoris during intercourse giving her a fantastic orgasm.   


Always respect your partner’s wishes about fetish play.  Never force it on anyone and take it slow.  Some couples might like being tied down but not blindfolded, or just want to use cock rings then that’s fine.  You might be apprehensive about fetish play in the beginning, but as trust builds and you understand your partner’s desires than the skies the limit.

This article was published on Tuesday 01 February, 2011.
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