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Glass Dildos Part 2

I have found out that many women love glass dildos, but are hesitant to use them.  Just the thought of inserting a piece of glass in your vagina would make even the open minded woman weak at heart.  But have no fear because most dildos are made from a Pyrex type, tempered glass which is known for its durability.  They are heated under extreme temperatures to strengthen the glass even further.  Glass dildos are almost impossible to break or chip.  One downside I have found though is they could get a little pricey, ranging from $20 to well over $200. 

These dildos are safe to use if you remember a few things.  First don’t make a habit of dropping them on a hard surface; second don’t expose the dildo to extreme changes in temperature like hot to cold or vice versa; third keep the dildo in the bag that comes with the toy, they usually come with a padded bag for storage.

The reason behind the expensiveness of the glass dildo is that each one is hand crafted and not mass produced.  They are made from a glass blower, this is a very specialized skill and does not come cheaply.  These glass dildos are a work of art.  Some have designs embedded in them with different colors to accent the product.
Glass dildos have some advantages for you spending a little more money then conventional dildos.  Since glass is non-porous, unlike many other materials that sex toys are made of, there’s no place for germs, bacteria and dirt to hide, making them hypoallergenic.  Glass toys do not deteriorate over time.  They will have the same look from the day you purchased it.  Honestly speaking, most sex toys don’t last.  After a while, they start to stink and deteriorate because it’s impossible to completely clean and sanitize the porous material.  They’re dishwasher safe too.  These sex toys should last a lifetime.
In closing, glass offers the smoothest surface to feel against and within your most sensitive and intimate of areas.  It’s as smooth as silk having no nicks, bumps or rough edges to worry about.  With a little lube you should enjoy it to the fullest and have it for a lifetime.

This article was published on Friday 13 January, 2017.
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