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Put a Little Dare in Your Love Life

Some Steamy Places to Have Sex

If you are married or part of a couple, consider making love in a unique place that’s out of the ordinary, somewhere you only dream of.  A vacation is the best time to rekindle the fire of passion in a relationship. 

Take a look and consider these ideas that I put together for a different venue for love making. 

On the Beach
You will need two blankets, one to lie on and the other to cover the two of you.  Bring plenty of sun screen if you do it during the day and be prepared for some weird looks, a lot less if you opt for a nude beach.  If you’re at the beach in the evening bring a sweater to protect you against the cool ocean breezes.  There is nothing more romantic than making love on the beach when the sun is setting and all you hear is the sound of the ocean and the whispers of your lover’s voice.

In the Car
Remember when you were young and having sex in the car was the “in” thing to do?  Well why don’t you do it again?  If you can’t get away for a long vacation, hop in the car and find a secluded spot.  Get a sitter for the kids and go to a drive-in or find a deserted road and steam up the windows!  You will appreciate your bed when you arrive home, believe me!

While Shopping
How about in the fitting room of a department store?  Instead of leaving the fitting room, invite your honey in for a private viewing.  It’s so erotic to know that the public is near by and could be in plain view of your activities, just don’t get caught.  Could you think of anything more embarrassing than being caught in a provocative position?

In the Hot Tub or Swimming Pool
If you plan on having sex underwater then you better use a lot of lubrication, preferably a silicone one.  The chlorine and heat from the hot tub and swimming pool dries out the body’s natural lubricant, making sex a little uncomfortable.  When at night, use candles and put soft music on to stimulate the atmosphere. 

High Up in the Friendly Skies
To have sex in an airplane bathroom is almost impossible and don’t expect your experience to get unnoticed either.  Instead of trying this, consider eliminating your boredom on a long flight with a little under the blanket rub.  You don’t have to get carried away with this and practically no one will suspect this either.

In the Great Outdoors
Why not have nature be your backdrop for great sex.  If you and your partner are on a camping trip, picnicking or hiking consider doing it in the woods.  The forest will shield you from the sun, the forest floor will cushion your body like a mattress, and the fresh air will invigorate the both of you.  All you need is a blanket and some imagination.  Remember though, “leaflets of three, let it be.”  You do not want poison oak or ivy, especially on certain areas of your bodies.

Last but not least, be safe.  If you’re having a summer fling, practice safe sex, use a condom.  Most important don’t break any laws.  Use common sense and observe all local ordinances or your summer adventure could turn into a nightmare with a police record to boot.

This article was published on Thursday 14 November, 2013.
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