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A Women's View On Men's Conversation Come-ons

This article will list a few do’s and don’ts of men’s introduction conversation when meeting women for the first time.  Be original in the topics you bring up when you first meet a woman.  Women are tired of having the same conversation with men over and over again.  Men, just follow these simple guidelines:

Avoid meaningless conversation which is usually boring, going nowhere and shallow.  This kind of conversation should be left to your hairdresser or bartender.  When ever I meet new people they always ask me “where am I from?”, “what do I do?”, “I know you from somewhere”, things like that.  Attractive women who get approached regularly have a greater problem with these questions because we feel that men just want to get in our pants.  I find these questions as “no where questions”.  Be original in your opening line.

We are not applying for a job so stop interviewing us like we are.  Firing questions at us one at a time with your response being; “really”, “and so” shows me that you’re not really paying attention or interested in my answers.  Stop asking me grueling questions over and over.  Concentrate on one and try to expand on it.  This could lead into a more pleasant conversation.  Also, try to elicit my answer without actually asking the question, make an assumption or guess about where I’m from, or what I do for a living etc. 

I find myself very attractive, so hearing that I have nice eyes or a beautiful figure or nice hair is a common thing for me.  I must have heard it 1,000 times so try to find something a little unique or specific about the person.  In the beginning of a relationship you want to be imaginative in your compliments. 

Be prepared of the questions you might be asked.  Store them in the back of your mind, and have an interesting reply when are asked.  Remember first impressions mean a lot and your response and the way you talk will have a definite bearing on the beginning of a relationship. 

Be passionate and honest about the things you like and care about.  It shows that you are focused and willing to pursue something in your life and want me to be a part of it.  Most important have eye contact with the person, this shows credibility and trust.  When people are relaxed they feel good and want to talk to you more.

Think about using these points when engaged in conversation not just with women but with everyone as well.   

This article was published on Thursday 12 January, 2017.
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